Newborn Experience

Those first weeks of your newborn baby are the most precious, yet they go by so quickly. You fall in love with every expression, movement, their tiny hands and feet.... A newborn changes from day to day and it is easy to forget the sweet innocence and the delicate fragility of a newly born baby. That is why a newborn photo session is the perfect way to capture and celebrate the beginning of life.  It provides you with a lasting memory of those first days when you first met and fell in love with your little ones.

What to wear

Newborn babies look best with bared bottoms. The skin they are born in is all you need and a large variety of baby hats, wraps and hairbands will be provided to ensure all the very cute, adorable baby shots.

As for the parents who wants to take part in the photo shoots, simple, classic style with Neutrals and creams colour is recommended. Skin to skin with mom and dad makes beautiful images too.

What to expect

With the newborn session, you will get up to 3 hours of my time. The session will starts in the morning and done around baby's needs. There are plenty of time for feeding, nappies change and for soothing baby which is welcomed and expected.

When to book

It is never too early to book. Newborn portraits are best taken shortly after birth,  generally before 14 days when your baby will be in deep sleep and more flexible for those very cute newborn poses. The best time to contact me is before you have your baby. I will add you to my dairy for around your due date.

Please feel free to have a look at my newborn gallery