Life is beautiful; life is full of colour, shapes, laughter, hopes, surprises, promises, celebrations that one would never want to forget.

I am a natural light photographer, an uncompromising worker who has a passion for beautiful settings and loves to capture precious little details in life. I specialise in newborns, babies, children, families and maternity fine art photography.

Very often we hear people say, “time flies”, or “children grow too fast” and they are absolutely right. That is why I am determined to capture every precious moment possible in life. From newborns’ wrinkly little toes, to babies’ first smile, to children's playful spirits and to families' sense of togetherness are a few inspirations shown in my photography. Through my pictures I would like to bring you back to a special moment in time to remind you just how small and delicate your little ones once were. I feel humbled that others entrust me to create a lasting moment for their families. That is what makes my job so fulfilling and extra special.

Thank you for taking time to look at my work. I hope you will love what you see - a unique combination of joyfulness, people and art; creating timeless memories which will put a smile on your face time after time.