Maternity Experience

Being pregnant is wonderful and magical. With the transformation of your body and life; your body is never more beautiful and remarkable. Take this opportunity to capture the glowing moment and have beautiful images taken for your journey into the motherhood.

What to wear

Maternity sessions are meant to be laid back and comfy.  Basic items to wear are white button down shirt, a white vest and pair of comfortable maternity jeans. Please bring specific items you want to be wearing in your photographs. The more figure hugging the garment, the better the outline of your curvy body.

What to expect

The Maternity session lasts from 1-2 hours. The portrait can be captured at your home or at an outdoor location of your choice. Indoor locations allow beautiful shots with wraps and lingerie in the most relaxed atmosphere. Elements of your home will also be used to create a personalised feel. Outdoor location provides abundance of natural light for vibrant, dazzling backdrop. Outdoor session is best scheduled early morning or late afternoon.

When to book

From 30 to 36 weeks is the best time for maternity shoot.  This is when your belly is nice and round without being too uncomfortable. However pregnancy shoots can be done right up until your due date, it all depends on how you feel. It’s never too early to book. You could use the Contact us form to make an appointment.