Family & Events Experience

Family and events portraits are sometimes overlooked. Something you want to do but never get around to do it. When in reality, family and friends are important part of our busy life. Some of the most beautiful moments may come from a simple smile from your loved ones and professional portraits has the ability to captured it. It showcases the relationship, bonding and intimacy between family and friends; creating memories you and your family will visually treasure for a lifetime.

What to wear

Clothing is an essential element for beautiful pictures. Your child should wear whatever is comfortable and brings out their true character. Avoid busy pattern and large logos which may detracts from the photographic focus. Neutral colours, pastels and texture rich clothing make for a lasting impression. As for the adults, we recommend classic and simple look for timeless portraits. If group picture is required, it is best to coordinate the clothing to compliment each other.

What to expect

The family and events session lasts from 1-2 hours. The portrait can be captured at your home, party venue or at an outdoor location of your choice. Indoor location gives a warm cosy feeling to stunning portrait whereas outdoor location provides abundance of natural light for vibrant, dazzling backdrop. Outdoor session is best scheduled early morning or late afternoon.The session will be arranged to suit your family or event schedule.

When to book

It’s never too early to book. You could use the Contact us form to make an appointment.